Natural Beauty

Architectural Wood


$2.99 – 3.69/lf

2×6 Common 8′, 10′, 14′, 18′, 20′
2×6 Finger-jointed 16′
2×8 20′
4×4 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′
2×4 8′, 10′, 12′
2×2 Square-cut 36″, 72″, 96″
2×2 Single-bevel, pre-drilled 32″, 42″
2×6 Keyhole profile 6′, 8′, 10′, 14′, 18′, 20′

Beautiful, nostalgic, with natural chemicals for exterior construction, redwood is one of the most popular exterior building materials in the west. Denver is the largest market for redwood outside of California.

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5/4×6 8′,   10′,   12′,   16′ (sold in bundles of 3)

Thermory is thermally-treated Scots Pine. The kiln-heating process removes moisture in a controlled environment, making Thermory a dry, straight, stable product. Not only that, but the heat caramelizes the starches in the wood, making it unattractive to insects, while giving it that gorgeous-golden brown color!

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Glulam: Alaskan Yellow Cedar

3×9 Beam Custom length by ft.
3×12 Beam Custom length by ft.
5×9 Beam Custom length by ft.
5×12 Beam Custom length by ft.
5×6 Column Custom length by ft.

Glulam AYC from Boise Cascade is strong, straight, and appearance grade. Alaskan yellow cedar is rated for exterior use. The structural engineering software BC Calc provides structural information normally accepted by building departments (ask your salesperson).


Roof Deck SPF 2×6 T&G

2×6 T&G 12′,   16′ 

Roof deck is spruce/pine/fir (framing lumber) 2×6, and the the profile is tongue-and-groove with beveled edges on the appearance side. The 1-1/2 thickness is enough that you can put roofing material on the top, and the roofing nails won’t go through it, making it an ideal product for exposed-timber roof covers!

Rough-Sawn Cedar

6×6 8′, 10′, 12′
3×6 Sold by linear foot, up to 20′
3×12 Sold by linear foot, up to 20′
2×3 10′, 14′
2×6 10′, 14

Western red cedar is a classic, beautiful material for exterior construction, with natural tannins that preserve it from decay. A rough-sawn texture provides a rustic, western feel, but we also provide S4S (smooth 4 sides) surfacing as a service.

rough sawn cedar Pergola system

(Example sizes and estimates)

Ledgered Free Standing
8×12 $ 1678 $ 2399
12×12 $ 1968 $ 2704
16×16 $ 3123 $ 4126
12×20 $ 4166 $ 5408

There’s nothing like a rough-sawn cedar pergola to enhance your outdoor living space and provide a little shade. But getting one built is often a custom job that takes a really long time. That’s why we have created a specialized pergola system that is pre-cut, so you can put it together quicker, and get back to relaxing in the shade of your new rough-sawn cedar pergola. 

To learn more, visit our Pergola page.

Arbor Walls

$50 l/f For Arbor wall (posts, beam, “short rib” rafters)
$80 l/f To do an Arbor wall WITH Thermory, making it a privacy wall (about $30 l/f extra for just the Thermory)

For more info/pricing checkout our Privacy Wall page.

Big Design Impact, Low Price

Beautifully define your space, using a combination of traditional rough cedar, Thermory Scots pine decking, and this new value-added program from our Wood Shop. Our new Arbor Privacy Wall program can be used to build a variety of creative improvements that make a big design impact for a low price.

Arbor / privacy walls are a great upgrade to regular waist-height railing – using a line of appearance grade rough Western red cedar for the posts, beam, and “short ribs” (30″ rafters), along with thermally treated Scots pine decking from Thermory (pictured alternating full and half widths), for a privacy wall. 


What’s your project?

We support many sizes and species of wood.

The Deck Superstore provides you access to a huge variety of wood products, from exotic hardwoods to huge timbers. We also provide a variety of custom services from our Wood Shop on the east side of our property. Just keep us in the loop, and we’ll see if we can help!


Less than 100% usage comes with the territory of natural wood.

The beauty of wood is that it’s a product of nature – every piece is unique. When buying natural wood, expect imperfections. Wood that’s good the day it ships may not be as good the day you go to install it – wood moves. It can take on or let go of moisture unevenly, resulting in temporary or even permanent warping and cracking. Today’s sustainable forestry practices yield more lumber out of a tree, so the quality is not the same as in days past.

For natural wood that we stock or remanufacture, we make an effort in our buying, storing, and handling to reduce the amount of “defects” with your Order. In some cases we also sort through and cut down for other products, and some even for firewood. But we can only go so far to raise the quality before it stops making sense.

For natural wood that we do not stock, we simply pass along orders of wood from our suppliers in the condition we receive it, and we do not re-sort, cut down, or otherwise raise the quality. In this case you must be enough of a craftsman to deal with imperfections by cutting off, cutting out, ripping, sanding, splicing, covering, pinning, hiding, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you order a little long and/or a little extra, but not too much, because we cannot accept returns for special-order wood