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Treated Lumber Shortage

(July 29, 2020) Treated lumber is unavailable. With a decrease in production starting in March 2020 in the forestry, lumber mills, and treatment facilities, followed closely by a remarkable surge in demand, this shortage was bound to happen. While it’s hard to guess, we expect this delay to last 1-2 months.

Instead of waiting, consider upgrading to something nicer! Treated LVL is super straight, stronger than dimensional lumber, works like wood, and carries 25-year transferable warranty.

Traditional treated lumber is more expensive today than it was only months ago. Treated LVL today costs about 60% more than treated lumber. Treated LVL is stronger, however, and may replace larger profile treated lumber. So for a typical deck, upgrading to treated LVL costs about $1.25-$2.50 more per square foot. But also consider that treated LVL eliminates some traditional frustrations of working with wood, so it’s faster to build with and flatter when it’s done. 

If you would rather wait for treated lumber to be available again, we totally understand! If you would like to get an update from us when treated lumber supply has caught up, join our Treated Lumber Wait List.

We are SORRY for this inconvenience! Thank you so much for thinking of us to supply your deck materials.

Span Charts

Calculations are based on 40 psf (pounds per square foot) live load with a 10 psf dead load. These charts provide common – but not complete – deck framing information. Please check with the local building department for the requirements that apply to your project.

Click here for a list of Denver Metro Area building departments. 


Treated Lumber

2×48′, 10′
2×612′, 16′
2×810′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 20′
2×1012′, 14′, 16′, 20′
2×1212′, 16′, 20′

Our treated framing lumber is #2-and-better Southern yellow pine (SYP), with “Treater Series” computer-aided log-grading technology developed by Weyerhaeuser. Treater Series is noticeably straighter than other treated lumber. Additionally, our treated lumber is also kiln-dried after treatment (KDAT), making it lighter and easier to work with. Open units of lumber are stored indoors.

Treated posts:

4×48′, 10′
6×68′, 10′, 12′

Our treated posts are Hem fir, incised, and rated for ground contact (not appearance grade).

Treated lumber on our online store

Treated LVL

2×812′, 14′, 16′; also 48′ cut to 24′, or custom length by ft.
2×1016′, 20′; also 48′ cut to 12′, 24′, or custom length by ft.
2×1220′; also 48′ cut to 12′, 16′, 24′, or custom length by ft.

LVL framing lumber is super strong, straight, and works like wood. Treated LVL from Pacific Wood Tech uses proprietary Tru-Core ® technology, including treatedment chemistry in both the glue and wood treatment, producing boards that are consistent, dry after treatment, not corrosive to fasteners, carrying 25-year transferrable warranty.

Glulam: Alaskan Yellow Cedar

3×9 BeamCustom length by ft.
3×12 BeamCustom length by ft.
5×9 BeamCustom length by ft.
5×12 BeamCustom length by ft.
5×9 ColumnCustom length by ft.

Glulam AYC from Boise Cascade is strong, straight, and appearance grade. Alaskan yellow cedar is rated for exterior use. The structural engineering software BC Calc provides structural information normally accepted by building departments (ask your salesperson).

Metal Framing

Metal framing systems have been growing in popularity. While we do not stock metal framing, you can ask your salesperson about available systems made by Trex or Fortress.