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Arbors & Privacy Walls

Big Design Impact, Low Price

Beautifully define your space, using a combination of traditional rough cedar, Thermory Scots pine decking, and this new value-added program from our Wood Shop. Our new Arbor Privacy Wall program can be used to build a variety of creative improvements that make a big design impact for a low price.

Arbor lines / privacy walls are a great upgrade to regular waist-height railing – using a line of appearance grade rough Western red cedar for the posts, beam, and “short ribs” (30″ rafters), along with thermally treated Scots pine decking from Thermory (pictured alternating full and half widths), for a privacy wall. 

If blocking the view is not in picture, frame that view using regular waist-height rail sections between these taller posts and beam. Thermory 5/4×6 decking can build into a beautiful horizontal railing, but many other railing systems work here as well! And those tall posts make a great place to hang string bulb lights.

Example Sizes Price without Privacy Wall Price with Full Privacy Wall
8′ Arbor Line (including posts, beam, “short rib” rafters) Call for pricing Call for pricing
12′ Arbor Line Call for pricing Call for pricing
16′ Arbor Line Call for pricing Call for pricing

 *Due to lumber prices fluctuating please call for a quote.  

Arbors, typically on 4 or 6 posts, are decorative shade structures for siting areas, dining areas, gates, and gardens. In this application, arbors have longer rafters spanning across two beams, with curve-cut braces, for an inexpensive and beautiful focal point. 

Example Size Price
3′ x 8′ Arbor Call for pricing
3′ x 12′ Arbor Call for pricing
3′ x 16′ Arbor Call for pricing
5′ x 8′ Arbor Call for pricing
5′ x 12′ Arbor Call for pricing
5′ x 16′ Arbor Call for pricing
8′ x 8′ Arbor Call for pricing
8′ x 12′ Arbor Call for pricing
8′ x 16′ Arbor Call for pricing


More details about Arbor lines and Arbors:

  • It costs about $30/foot to use Thermory decking to make a full-height privacy wall, alternating full and half widths as pictured. This is in addition to the cost of the Arbor lposts, beam, “short ribs” (30″ rafters).
  • Posts are 4x4x10′ rough cedar (appearance grade, not fence grade), included in the above prices, but do not include post-base or post-mounting hardware.
  • Sizes above are measured at the outside-of-post. Generally rafters and beams overhang the post footprint about 1 foot.
  • Rafters and beams are made from our stocking 2×6 rough cedar, and include “Aspen” curve cuts, same as our engineered  Rough Cedar Pergola program.
  • Rafters and beams are doubled for both strength and looks. The intersections of these double beams and double rafters are joined/spaced by the 4×4 posts, either by the support posts, or by 1-foot joiner blocks, with 5-inch construction screws (x8 per rafter-beam intersection).
  • Arbors include curve-cut braces (privacy walls do not include braces).
  • This system is not engineered and not designed to support a snow load. We recommend no greater than 8′ spans for both rafters and beams and that no purlins (or material that could bridge snow) be added on top of the rafters. For a stronger system, engineered for a 30 psf snow load, providing greater shade, check out our Rough Cedar Pergola system.