Build Green with Trex Decking and These Pointers from The Deck Superstore

Building a deck onto your home is certain to add to your property’s value by expanding the usable outdoor living space.  However, if you incorporate eco-friendly choices into your deck installation or any other remodel that you perform, you can stretch that extra property value even farther.  This is partially due to a growing awareness of, and passion for, environmental consciousness.  From a financial standpoint, though, the appeal is that a greener installation is more likely to save a homeowner money in the long-run.

If you’re interested in building a greener deck this summer, consider the following suggestions from The Deck Superstore:

Choose a green decking material

At The Deck Superstore, we provide composite decking materials from companies such as Trex.  Trex decking materials are made from 95% recycled material and are created through an eco-friendly process.  By incorporating recycled products, Trex decking reduces landfill waste and saves trees.  These materials are also more durable than many other decking products and will require less maintenance, as they are stain-resistant and much less prone to warping, splitting and fading.  Homeowners will save money on the costs of maintenance, with Trex decking, while minimizing their environmental impact.

Consider all aspects of your lighting

Lighting takes up a significant portion of home energy consumption.  When designing the exterior lighting for your deck and home, consider incorporating such environmentally friendly options as solar track lighting for your pathways, LED lights for overhead lighting and sensors for your security lights.  These considerations will greatly reduce the cost of electricity and conserve energy.  The Deck Superstore carries plentiful lighting options, including attractive LED light fixtures from Trex.

Create an energy-efficient landscape

Trees can have a substantial impact on home energy costs, when planted in opportune locations throughout the yard.  Plus, trees offer environmental benefits that can directly impact individuals, such as filtering out pollution.  Incorporate your existing trees into your deck design or plant new shade trees for future benefits.

Use eco-friendly materials and products on exterior walls

Many homeowners will change the appearance of an exterior wall to compliment their new deck installation.  If you’re planning to adapt an exterior wall as part of your deck design, consider eco-friendly paint, which won’t create as much toxic waste.  For siding, select material that will be as durable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly as your decking.

The Deck Superstore is your number one resource for Trex decking products in Denver and the Front Range.  Our staff can offer helpful advice when building a deck with greener features and we can suggest top contractors for your project.   Drive here to get a full scope of our Trex decking inventory, which features colors for every taste and decking materials for any budget.


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