Upgrade Your Deck for the Summer with Composite Decking & Other Decking Materials from The Deck Superstore

A deck can be an important, if not essential, element to a homeowner’s outdoor living space.  Decks are perfect places for family get-togethers, cookouts, relaxing afternoons in the sun, and even stargazing in the evening.  Such activities can be enjoyed on any kind of deck, but there are several additions, modifications, and upgrades that can be made to increase the safety, maintenance, and comfort of the platform itself.  From composite decking to natural wood, PVC and more, The Deck Superstore are experts when it comes to decking materials. Whether you need to replace the entire deck structure, or just do some improvements by adding new elements we carry many decking styles and accessories with which you can enhance your deck this summer.

Survey for damage

To begin preparing your deck for the summer ahead, it is important to check its condition.  This includes checking the frame and structure, an often-neglected, vital aspect of the deck itself.  You may be surprised by the effects winter’s snow load and excessive moisture can have on various materials. Check for soft spots in the wood, rusted joist hangers, excessively split joists, or loose or rusted lag bolts where the deck attaches to your house. Every year there are numerous decks that collapse during a party where more people are on the deck than normal. Just 20 people can add a literal ton of extra weight to a deck structure.

If there is significant deterioration under your deck, you can find quality and affordable replacement decking materials at The Deck Superstore.  From quality pressure treated material for the structure to beautiful decking – both in real wood and composite decking – we have it all inside an indoor warehouse to preserve its quality.

Consider lifestyle changes.

Spring time is also the right time to consider any alterations that may be necessary due to your recent lifestyle changes.  For instance, do you have a toddler just starting to crawl or walk?  Have you adopted a new pet?  If your deck doesn’t have rails, or the rails are starting to sag and become less stable, this may be the perfect summer to install them.  Railing systems can greatly improve not only the aesthetics, but also the safety of your deck, as they provide barriers as well as support.  At The Deck Superstore, we have a large selection of railing systems to choose from, with varieties for every budget.

Enhance your experience and your security.

For homeowners who are looking to use their decks into the evening, this may be the year to add lighting fixtures that create a great ambiance for nighttime use.  The Deck Superstore carries many options for lighting. A little illumination can increase both enjoyment and safety.  Consider lights to illuminate your steps, your railings, and areas with furniture.

Visit our warehouse, showroom and outdoor Test Deck Garden to see our full inventory and to discuss potential improvements you can make to your deck with our seasoned experts.  We stock excellent decking solutions from top manufacturers.  Through us, you will have access to the best products in the industry, including composite decking and railing systems, drainage systems, lighting solutions, pergolas, and even superior deck finishes. In fact, The Deck Super Store features an outdoor Test Deck Garden that displays a number of decking materials at various degrees of exposure to the environment.  This outstanding visual representation is useful when weighing your deck investment options.

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