There are Decking Materials to Match Every Objective

So you’ve decided that you can’t live with your existing deck one more season, and now is the time to plan a new deck. If you drive to our showroom, you will see an almost daunting array of deck materials from which to choose. You may even find that researching our many options for deck materials will lead to new decking ideas that could greatly improve the functionality of your home’s outdoor living area and its resale value.

Choosing decking materials in Denver used to be easy when wood was the primary choice. The biggest decision back then was the color of the stain you were going to use. Still, every day we get customers through the door that want wood for their decking material, and there are more valid reasons to choose wood than 30 years ago – new forest sustainability initiatives and overall cost being the biggest factors.

If you’re one of those people who just love the way wood decking looks, feels and weathers, then we have a great selection of cedar, exotic hardwoods,and redwood decking. All of these materials make for gorgeous decks and are resistant to rot or pests. The downside: they all require more maintenance to keep them looking great. However, for short-term homeowners, for example, a cedar or redwood deck will look great for at least 3-4 years without much maintenance.

If longevity of the deck and ease of maintenance are more your objective, then composite decking is a great option to consider. Composed primarily of wood fibers and recycled plastic, composite decking has advanced enormously in the last decade as far as style, durability and colors. Some manufacturers even offer 20-25 year warranties against abnormal fading and staining, as well as warranties against defects in their material. Many manufacturers of composite decking have also taken a different approach to creating their composite styles than in the past, moving further away from a comparison to wood entirely, especially for colors. What was once an attempt to emulate real wood with styles like cedar and redwood have been replaced with styles like “Spiced Rum” or “Tiki Torch” from Trex.  Showing that decking doesn’t have to fit into the traditional sense of the term, but like granite, or tile, can fit better as an expression of one’s personal style.

There simply are too many colors and styles on decking to choose from without driving to our showroom and experiencing them for yourself. That is why our showroom has built out samples of almost every style that we carry. We also have a Deck Garden outside that will show you how each of the decking types and colors take Colorado’s ever changing weather. So you don’t have to decide such a big purchase from a 3-inch sample or picture on a web page if you can’t decide. Explore the decking material options available to you online, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the material that offers the best combination of beauty, durability, maintenance and cost for your home.

Jonathan Mitchell


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