Proper Deck Maintenance and Repair will Save Your Summer, According to Decking Supplier The Deck Superstore

Failure to administer proper, timely care for a deck can have awful consequences, say the decking suppliers at The Deck Superstore.  Late spring to midsummer is a period in which a homeowner can perform the most useful, life-sustaining maintenance and repairs for their deck.  However, though the days get longer in the summer, it can be difficult for individuals to motivate themselves to perform these time-consuming tasks. 

“The care you take now will have a big impact on how long your deck will last,” says Alan Nansel, sales manager for decking supplier The Deck Superstore.  “A little wear here, a little split there; if you ignore these things, you could take years off of your deck’s life.”

The two most vital maintenance routines which are best performed at the end of spring or early summer are washing and sealing.  When a deck is washed and sealed, it is protected from mildew and rot for an extended period of time, preserving it for another summer’s enjoyment.  During the washing process, a homeowner must be careful to clean out nooks and crannies, and to use the proper cleaning products for their particular decking material.

“Many people would be surprised by how much trouble can be made by a tiny, neglected collection of debris in a tight little corner,” says Nansel.  “To make a deck truly last, a person has to pay attention to the details.  They have to use the right cleaning products, follow the instructions particular to those products and take care to clean when the weather is optimal.”

According to experts, it is best to clean a deck when the weather is cooler.  This way, the cleaning product won’t evaporate in the heat and will deliver the best results.   Mild and clear weather is also optimal for sealing.  Sealing a deck often requires sanding and the replacement of any rotted planks, as well as the replacement of any nails which have been pushed up.  Homeowners are advised to consult a decking supplier on the topic of sealants and toners, in order to ensure that the proper products are applied for the longest lasting effects. 

The Deck Superstore is a one-stop-shop decking supplier which carries a vast selection of decking systems and accessories.  Their team is familiar with many varieties of decking materials and the proper maintenance procedures for each.  Visit their warehouse, at 5961 E. 64th Ave in Commerce City, to find great new summer deck accessories and to consult with their expert staff as to timely deck maintenance, cleaning and sealing.  For more information about The Deck Superstore and the products they offer, visit their website at www.thedecksuperstore.com.

Jonathan Mitchell


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