Our Process

We Don’t Build Decks

No one knows your project better than you do!

We can sometimes help you figure out some of the tricky details but we can’t guarantee that our calculations are the best for your project. We can supply the products and answers about them but we can’t build your project for you.

Verifying that your order is correct before you finalize it, and once you receive it makes it easier to catch and fix any mistakes. And if you need an experienced builder to help you with your project, we can refer you to a trusted builder who works in your area.


Haphazard deck building rarely succeeds

That’s why we start by asking about your deck plan. Even, if your drawing is in crayon on a napkin, we can work with you to refine your order and figure out your materials list. Once you have created a working materials list, we can generate a detailed quote specific to your job. Then, when you know what you are going to be getting, placing your order is a breeze. Just give us a call so we can double-check our inventory to make sure that the products you need are in stock before you place your order.

Special Orders

For your convenience, we do stock a large number of items. But sometimes there are items that you need for your job that will need to be ordered in. These orders can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks (if they are readily available). Orders that require direct shipping from the manufacturer can take 6-8 weeks. If you need a special part for your project, placing your order in advance makes it easier to get your job pack to you.


We offer delivery for the Denver Metro Area.


Providing consistent quality requires careful attention to the inventory we accept back as returns. We only accept returns in original condition. If you receive damaged product, document it and contact us immediately for an exchange.

Large returns as well as dirty or damaged returns incur processing fees. For a full copy of our terms of sale, click here.


We carry everything you need to build decks in Colorado, with a knowledgeable, supportive team.