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Quality products make for more enjoyable deck projects. And more enjoyable deck projects is what the Deck Superstore is all about.

We have a variety of decking, railing, lighting, hardware, and other deck building related products, all selected for their consistent quality.

Finding the right product for your project has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for low maintenance composites or naturally beautiful woods, the Deck Superstore has the brands and styles you’re looking for!


Natural Woods

From classic redwood to exotic ipe, natural woods are cherished for their organic beauty. However, like all things natural, fade and decay are a part of the cycle of life. You should expect to spend time on regular cleaning and semi-annual deck maintenance, such as staining and replacing boards as necessary.


These are manufactured deck boards made of varying mixtures of wood and plastic elements to create materials that utilize the strength of wood while retaining the moisture resistance of synthetics. While susceptible to color fading and some expansion/contraction, composites do not require painting or staining and resist organic decay. This makes composites require significantly less maintenance than natural wood, and they are often warranted against structural failure for 20-30 years.


A rapidly improving technology, vinyl decking addresses the traditional weaknesses of organic materials with reduced color fading, stronger resistance to surface scratching, and minimal heat retention and movement (expansion/contraction). PVC boards are impervious to organic decay. In addition to being structurally sound, manufacturers claim high resistance to staining from common household agents (food, beverages, pets), providing long-term peace of mind along with minimized maintenance.

Capped Composites

These are manufactured deck boards consisting of a solid wood-plastic core “capped” with a full synthetic wrap. The best of both worlds, capped composites combine the proven strength and stability of traditional composite decking with PVC’s increased durability. Recent advances have made capped composites an attractive alternative to natural wood as they authentically emulate colors and grain patterns without significant wear and fade. Capped composites are ultra low-maintenance, long-lasting, stain-and-fade-fighting deck boards.


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