Thursday, September 26 11:00-1:00

Winter Deck Building Discussion 

Seasonality: contractor discussion & lunch

Seasonality – feast and famine – is one of the toughest challenges in deck building. Please help tackle the issue by signing up on this page for a discussion on WINTER BEST PRACTICES, and also get a sneak peak at the NEW TIMBERTECH DECKING line (coming 2020)!

Thursday, September 26, 11 AM to 1 PM, lunch provided

Brother’s Bar and Grill at 8270 E Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80266 (map) (close to Bass Pro, across from Theater entrance, reserved upstairs room)

Participate in this small group discussion, tackling these hard questions:

  • WHO causes seasonality? Contractors? Homeowners?
  • How do you SELL a homeowner on getting their deck built in the winter?
  • How can TimberTech and The Deck Superstore HELP you sell winter work?
  • What’s the RIGHT TIMING to get a homeowner to agree to schedule a deck project in the winter?
  • What are your TIPS and TRICKS to keeping yourself and your crew warm, your site dry, and construction running smoothly and profitably?


  • Get informed about TimberTech distribution change and how that affects you.
  • Get a TimberTech product overview.
  • Be the first group in Colorado to see the NEW TIMBERTECH DECKING line (coming 2020)!

Hosted by TimberTech and The Deck Superstore