Tuesday, January 25

Shawn Van Dyke: Life-Profit Indicators™

Reducing Stress and Defining Your LPI’s, (Life Profit Indicators™)

From special speaker, Shawn Van Dyke, at the Contractor Deck Expo on Tuesday, Jan 25, 8:30am:

Most contractors struggle when it comes to making a sustainable profit for their construction businesses. They spend every waking hour chasing down new work, searching for good employees, weeding out the good clients from the bad ones, producing estimates, keeping an eye on production, and trying to figure out the business side of their construction businesses.

This “reaction-based contracting” costs you money and sucks the life out of you. You don’t get the chance to serve your clients like you want. You miss dinners with the family, and vacations??? You gave up on vacations a long time ago. Sure, you might go out of town for a few days, but you’re really not present. Your phone still rings. You still check your messages, and you worry about the fires to fight when you get back in town. You started your construction business for freedom – financial freedom and freedom for your family. But do you have either?

The reason your construction business is not giving you the freedom you want is because you’re reacting to urgent tasks instead of focusing on priorities that create the life you want.

Join Shawn Van Dyke, construction business expert and author of Profit First for Contractors, at the CDX on January 25th, 2022 at The Deck Superstore, and you’ll get the system to design and track, what Shawn calls, your “LPIs – Life Profit Indicators™.”

In this session, you get: 

 1. The three elements that define your Life Profit Indicators™

2. A simple system to document, track, and score your LPIs


 3. An operation scorecard, which doubles as your yearly business calendar, so you know what to do and when to do it to drive the profitable growth of your construction business

When you define your LPIs, track them and display them on your operational scorecard, you’ll finally have the key to creating a business that works for you instead of the other way around.  You’re going to struggle until you have this simple system in place. Register today, and join Shawn at The Deck Superstore for the CDX on January 25th.

About Shawn Van Dyke

Shawn is a construction industry consultant, business coach, and mentor. He is a keynote speaker and travels the US working with and training construction business owners on how to streamline their businesses.

After spending nearly 20 years in and around the construction industry owning and operating several businesses, he left the “C-Suite’ to focus on his mission: TO CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD VIEWS THE TRADES.

Learn more about Shawn at his website, or check out these links to some of his articles and sites:

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Tuesday, Jan 25

Starting at 8:30am:

  • Keynote – Defining your LPI’s (Life Profit Indicators): Is the juice worth the squeeze? Supply shortages, labor challenges, difficult people… Come hear Shawn Van Dyke, one of the country’s leading experts on contractor businesses, tackle how to build better systems to reduce stress and increase your LPIs. Learn more…
  • Building Code Seminar (9:30-10:15am, 10:30-11:15am): In back-to-back identical seminars, Glenn Mathewson, inspector and national speaker/educator, keeps us up to date with the latest changes in the IRC.
  • PRODUCT EXHIBITS (9:30am-3:00pm): Meet 2022’s deck product lineup – talk with reps from dozens of product manufacturers. We always ask our exhibitors to bring what you can’t find online, including hands-on demos and giveaways!
  • Ultimate Taco Bar (11:30am-1:00pm): Free lunch by El Jardín Mexican Restaurant

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