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Select Colors with Intention to Create Dimension, with Composite Decking Materials from The Deck Superstore

At The Deck Superstore, we have plenty of color options for composite decking materials—so why not go bold with your selection?  Instead of choosing all of your materials and accessories in the same color, invite contrast to the equation for a more dimensional appearance. 

One great composite decking producer which allows for easy color pairing within their range of products is Trex Decking.  Most of their colors pair well together, and make for many different possible combinations to meet varying tastes.

One way in which homeowners and builders are using contrasting colors is with decking systems versus railing systems.  For example, you may choose Trex Decking's dark and luxurious Vintage Lantern color for your composite decking system and pair it with a light-colored railing system, such as Tree House.  The effect of a dark deck wrapped with a lighter rail can accomplish a classic and grounded design.

Another way to incorporate two contrasting colors would be to make your accessories and added features stand out with a lighter or darker finish.  In this instance, you may select a pergola, your furniture, and your outdoor storage in a sleek, dark chestnut color while the rest of your decking system reflects more of a bamboo shade.  This will make your accessories stand out, creating an elegant design.

Builders and designers also love to use different color planks to designate different spaces.  You may wish to capture a very specific ambiance around your grill area, your fireplace or your seating area.  Using darker tones in spaces designated for relaxation, cooking and creativity can assist in cultivating that desired environment.  Using lighter tones in higher-traffic, more recreational areas will cultivate an attitude of energy and activity.

We keep a substantial stock of Trex Decking's composite decking systems and accessories, so that every aspect of your deck can be harmonious in the grand scheme.  We can also help you to use color contrast with any of our other decking systems and materials, from composite to solid wood.  Drive here, to our warehouse and showroom, to see for yourself the various ways in which colors can be used to create atmosphere and appeal.