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Know the Basics of our Terms of Sale

Please get to know these highlights of our Terms of Sale before you buy:

1. Check your order line by line.

You know your site better than we do. We work hard to get it right, and we do most of the time. But mistakes happen - on both sides - and we're sure you would agree that it's better to catch them earlier than later. Before you buy, take the time to review your items and quantities line by line. There is no warranty on our materials lists

2. Not everything is returnable.

Here are some examples of items you can't return (at least not for free):

  1. Special order: Look for items on your order that have a “Min” near the beginning of the description, which means “minimum order required.” Some "Min" items are stocked locally, and they are returnable (unless something below applies), but only with a 20% restock fee. Other “Min” items are not returnable.
  2. Special-order wood: Any wood/lumber that we don't stock is not returnable.
  3. Discontinued/closeout: Look for items on your order that say “Discontinued,” “Close out,” or “Clearance.” Unless the item description also says “Stocking” or “20% RESTOCK,” they are not returnable.
  4. Custom-milled/cut: Anything that has been custom-milled, cut, assembled to specifications is not returnable.
  5. Anything else that says you can't return it: Often, items that you can’t return say “NO RETURNS” in the description.
  6. More than 5% of your project: The amount of returns that goes over 5% of your is subject to a 20% restock fee.
  7. After 30/90/120 days: After 30 days, an additional 15% restocking fee will apply; after 90 days, 25%. No credit will be issued after 120 days (after receipt of material).
  8. Damaged, weathered products: if an item isn't in "original condition" (see definition in full Terms of Sale), it is not returnable.


3. Know what to expect for your delivery.

  1. Concrete: Most lumberyards do not deliver bagged concrete. Our guys will drive the concrete to your location, but someone has to be there to help unload it off the truck. If no one is there, we return the concrete with a 50% restocking fee.
  2. Tilt-bed trucks: We slide loads to the ground surface using tilt-bed trucks. Curbside is standard, but we can deliver to a driveway/other if we think it’s safe and you sign a waiver.
  3. Phone number: Make sure we have the right phone number for our driver to verify your delivery (look in the Ship To box on your order). 
  4. Time-frame: Sales team can't promise a particular delivery time. But you should get a call the day before to work with you on time-frame, plus you’ll get a call before it leaves.


4. Appearance-grade wood policy

Less than 100% usage comes with the territory of natural wood.

The beauty of wood is that it’s a product of nature – every piece is unique. When buying natural wood for appearance applications, expect imperfections. Wood that’s good the day it ships may not be as good the day you go to install it – wood moves. It can take on or let go of moisture unevenly resulting in temporary or even permanent warping and cracking. Today’s sustainable forestry practices yield more lumber out of a tree, so the quality is not the same as in days past.

For natural wood that we stock or remanufacture, we make an effort in our buying, storing, and handling to reduce the amount of “defects” with your order. In some cases we also sort through and cut down for other products, and some even for firewood. But we can only go so far to raise the quality before it stops making business sense.

For natural wood that we do not stock, we simply pass along orders of wood from our suppliers the way we get it, and we do not re-sort, cut down, or otherwise raise the quality. In this case you must be enough of a craftsman to deal with imperfections by cutting off, cutting out, ripping, sanding, splicing, covering, pinning, hiding, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you order a little long and/or a little extra, but not too much, because we cannot accept returns for special-order wood. 

5. Perfect vs. merchantable

We cannot promise perfection in the items we provide. However, our team makes efforts beyond the industry's norms to keep items in good condition. We aim to provide products that are at least merchantable, meaning “of fair and average quality… fit for ordinary purposes...” (CRS 4-2-314).

See the full Terms of Sale at: http://thedecksuperstore.com/terms#full.