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Designing a deck in Denver: from the simple to the extraordinary with help from The Deck Superstore!

There are really only two things that limit Denver deck designs: imagination and budget. Whether you are replacing an existing deck, or designing something entirely new, The Deck Superstore encourages homeowners to consider the following advice when planning and budgeting for your new deck project.

Size Matters – A Lot

The average deck is often built based not on the function it will serve, but what it will cost. While cost is certainly a consideration, we hear too often that the homeowner wishes they had extended their deck just a few more feet.  When you consider that an average patio table and chairs is6 feet across, by 8-10 feet in length, with a comfortable walking area behind the chairs of another 2’ you are looking at a minimum 8x10 foot area just for dining.  Factor in some potted plants and a few lounge chairs and you can see that pretty soon open space to move around is lacking.  The deck designers in our Denver showroom not only look at the space you have, but also the space you need to really enjoy your outdoor living area. 

To avoid being cramped, recent trends have movedto decks that have different levels, each meant for a specific purpose. In multiple-level designs, the main level closest to the kitchen typically serves as the largest area specific forgrilling and dining.

The next level down would be designed for an intimate sitting area to entertain or read.  Another step down could be to a garden area or hot tub. Multiple levels might be just a few steps down, but they create the impression and functionality of a whole separate room.

With the cost of a deck, it should be designed for multiple uses, especially if it is a raised deck on a second floor, like so many second story houses in Denver have. Underneath that raised deck you can create a screened porch or an area for cooler weather.  With improvements in materials that keep out moisture from above, such as Rain Escape from Trex,the upper deck can act as a ceiling that encloses the lower space.

Determining Your Deck Design

As important as functionality is, creating continuity with your home’s style is equally important. Suffice it to say that you should match the architectural style of your house to your new deck. For example, dark decking with white railing and a dark rail cap complements an older, more traditional style of house. Decking stained in all one color with straight lines and sharp angles better suits a contemporary home.

While most of the deck is universal in appearance, railing details, lighting and other decking accessories like a gas fire pit or a redwood or cedar pergola can augment your personal tastes and needs.

Getting Assistance With Your Decking Design.

If you wonder how you are ever going to make the best deck design you can, there is always the services of The Deck Superstore design team to guide you through. Our designers have real-world experience in building, so they are not just drawing from a computer, but also thinking about how the build will come together and what implications there may be. Then, whether you are a do it yourselfer, or you are hiring a contractor, the design will include an itemized list of materials so that you know exactly what the materials will cost based on the design of your deck. A professional deck design also is crucial to see how the deck will look with your house design and if it will adequately accommodate your lifestyle.

Lastly, how you enhance your deck is really a matter of personal taste, but it's best to keep the structure of the deck simple and neutral, in the same way that you might decorate a room. Adding accentsof bright color, such as cushions, an umbrella and plants creates a personalized deck that will also be ready for resale in the future.